Summer Sun by Pony in the Pancake

Album Cover
Summer Sun
Pony in the Pancake
Street Date: September 20, 2019


A tear fell from The Sun and cousins Robert and Dan witnessed it fall from atop a summer mountain in a moment outside of time. Since then they have been on a quest, a quest of love. Wherever PIP goes, they go there with one purpose, and one purpose only. LOVE. For over two decades PIP has explored The Earth under the guidance and worship of The Sun. They secluded themselves in the darkest basements of Upstate New York where they went to work channeling Joy, Sadness, and Death on a four track recorder.

They derive their music directly from The Sun and write all of their songs in the moment of inspiration. They do not think. They celebrate The Sun. Over the years PIP has amassed a large and faithful following in and around the Northeast. They have played shows to packed houses all along the East Coast and Canada.

The duo has gone through many lineup changes throughout the years. They slowly evolved into a psychedelic juggernaut. "Anyone who's had the pleasure of witnessing their live show has felt the sweet spot where the propulsion of the Velvet Underground, the wide-eyed romanticism and surf twang of the Beach Boys and the elliptical grooves of Krautrock intersect." (Jeremy Schwartz, Chronogram Magazine) They play for The Sun and bask in its Joy.

PIP is currently performing as a four piece consisting of Robert Flynn - (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Daniel Prockup - (Drums and Vocals), Benjamin Garrett - (Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), and Bob Forget - (Bass and Angelic Vocals). Rick Spataro of Onlyness/Florist produced their new album. If you listen closely, you can hear them playing throughout eternity....and in your Heart.