Five Kill Records on Spotify
May 01, 2018

If you're wondering how to get the newest and hottest sounds from Five Kill Records to your ears as efficiently as possible, look no further: Five Kill Records is on Spotify ! Head on over and follow us. We will be posting playlists curated by our staff on the regular, starting with the Latest Releases playlist (below! see how easy!). This is your source for every new single released by Five Kill, so go ahead and follow it. You don't want progress to leave you behind.

Five Kill Records Launches
April 24, 2018

Five Kill Records is a not-for profit independent record label based out of New York’s Capital Region. Named after the confluence of five kills (rivers) where Albany was first settled as a Dutch colony—Rutten Kill, Vosen Kill, Beaver Kill, Normans Kill and Patroon Creek—the label itself is a confluence of five Albany/Troy-area professional and DIY recording collectives and labels: B3nson Recording Company, Swordpaw Collective, Collar City Records, The Rev Records, and Bee Side Cassettes. Five…