LEFT by Bear Grass

Album Cover
Bear Grass
Street Date: August 10, 2018


LEFT is the sophomore album of Troy, NY based indie rock band, Bear Grass. The group consists of lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Katie Hammon, bassist August Sagehorn, Tommy Krebs, vocals, keys and guitar, and drummer Ian White. Bear Grass has performed across the east coast since 2013 and offers an intoxicating performance that wraps their audience in emotion.

Originally from Fox Island, Washington, Hammon describes LEFT as a question of time and place. Having left her childhood home at age 17 and relocating to the right coast, Hammon has spent her adult life away from the people and places for which she holds great love and nostalgia. LEFT plays with the emotions of creating home while holding onto the past. Recognizing that the people and places which once existed, move along with time. Time and Place have a great hold on our memories and expectations, our accomplishments, and acceptance of loss.

Recorded and mixed by Hunter Davidsohn of Business District Recording in Johnson City, NY Mastered by Josh Bonati of Bonati Mastering NYC.