Sex and the City by geoff gordon

Album Cover
Sex and the City
geoff gordon
Street Date: March 06, 2020


geoff gordon (stylized lower case) is built around the twin lead vocals and songwriting of Shannon Straney and Dan LaFave, each of whom sings lead on their own tunes. They range far and wide across the indie spectrum, often within the same track. "Francis," for example, starts off like an early Wilco tune and then explodes into feedback, an imitation of a NYC subway announcement, and fuzzed out guitar shredding. "Joy" starts out with muted tones and dipping and bending synths, sounding at first like classic bedroom-pop, before the full band drops in.

Sex and the City is a collection of pop songs from Albany collective geoff gordon. These tunes are stories, conversational asides, and emotional reckonings. They document the time in every drivers’ career when they start to realize they feel like a Charlotte even though they still race like a Samantha. The album was recorded at White Lodge Audio under the tutelage of Craig Dutra and under the supervision of his dogs, Wilco and Chaka.