The Abyssmals



In 1956 Newsweek once panned Elvis Presley’s first Las Vegas gig by likening his performance to “a jug of corn liquor at a champagne party”. However, as we all know, the people sure did come to love that corn liquor. Upstate New York’s neo-psychedelic ghouls, The Abyssmals, aim to bring a new flavor to that corn liquor and they want to serve it hard and fast to the champagne parties of the world. God willing, thy will be served, there will be blood, and The Abyssmals will drink your champagne milkshake dry.

Initially a project started by founding member, Jarpon Reyes, a self-titled collection of demos was released in September 2016. Based around those initial songs, The Abyssmals formed, assembling from the remnants of several local acts to include members Bob Forget (guitar), Boris Cahrenger (bass), Nick Nigro (drums), and Muffy Reyes (percussion, organ, synthesizer). Upon solidifying their lineup, The Abyssmals debuted live in April of 2017 and have electrified local audiences with their bombastic performances and drop-dead gorgeous looks night after night. Since then, they have found rabid fans across the US, EU, and have had music featured on the Netflix series, The Punisher. Their unique psych-garage sound is influenced by everything from Nuggets-era classics, surf guitars, 70's punk, Motown/Stax records, Britpop and Shoegazers of the 90’s, and Beyoncé.

Presently, The Abyssmals continue to venture on their hot pursuit of eviscerating brains and melting faces without prejudice, spreading the good word of the abyss to souls in need. 2019 will see the debut of their first full-band album, ‘Gospels, Hymns and Other Trash!’. And as the saying goes, “get it while it’s hot”, because anybody who’s somebody knows you’re nobody cool unless you take your trash hot.

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