Hate Club



Albany NY’s self-described “tweemo” band Hate Club are a staple of the local DIY scene; if there’s a basement or house that hosts shows, they’ve most likely played there. The band charms audiences up and down the country with their trademark blend of sarcasm and self-affirmation, supported by a powerful indie punk backdrop. Their witty lyrics take sharp aim at a slew of targets: oblivious men, aging, uncertainty, complacency, self-doubt. Meanwhile, their anthemic songwriting and arrangement chops continue to grow with each new release. Recently, their raucous and energetic (and often loud) live performance temperament has grown slicker and more powerful, while their recorded output has begun to explore sonic territory often not touched by basement rock bands. They’re one of upstate’s finest musical offerings and will surely continue to build their devoted audience as they take their second journey to SXSW and back later this year.

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