Full Body



Full Body is a band for people who refuse to take the world at face value—for those who trust their guts, carve their own paths, and dare to ask “why?”

Hailing from Rochester, NY the band finds humor and inspiration within the remains of a city’s failed industries. Forging sounds that intersect romantic melody with abrasive dissonance, off-kilter song structures with a pummeling live sound, Full Body uncovers the beauty within rust belt dilapidation.

While the group was started by guitarist and lead vocalist, Dylan Vaisey, in 2015 it wasn’t until 2017’s What's Good? that Full Body found a set line-up and honed their sound. With Jacob Kotler on guitar, Zach “Joe Smoke” Hallenbeck on bass and backing vocals, and Jack Chaffer on drums, the band built a reputation for delivering needly guitar lines and brash rhythms. After receiving positive reviews, and spending time on the road, Full Body returned to the studio in 2018 to track another record and expand on the group’s dynamic sound. In October of 2019, they will debut their most anticipated release yet, Always There, via Five Kill Records. Now featuring Cassidy Rose Hammond on bass, the band remains eager to subvert conventions and breathe new life into rock music’s exhausted form.

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