Rechorduroys by Rechorduroys

Album Cover
Street Date: June 08, 2018


From the opening chords of Rechorduroys self-titled album it seems they will be transporting you to a sunnier, breezier state of mind. Don’t get too lulled by the classic surf-rock vibes though; lead singer Benjamin Garrett is not speaking of sunshine and umbrella laden cocktails. What makes this debut so wonderful is the ease in which one can bop along to the Rechorduroys tunes while still resonating with the depth of Garrett’s lyrics. Songs of heartbreak, malaise, and the search for greater purpose are nestled in riffs reminiscent of 60s pop psychedelia. Each track has a darkness at its core but also has such a strong pop sensibility at times it takes a while to realize that the narrator might be struggling to sing through his own insecurities. With unmistakable influences from 60s pop superstars like The Beach Boys and The Beatles; Rechorduroys clearly flow into the same vein of garage rock revival as bands like The Frights, the Allah-Las, and White-Fence. The dynamic between easy, breezy song structure and brutally honest lyricism make this a wonderfully versatile album.

The album was produced and recorded by Troy Pohl, best known for his work with Sean Rowe and The Sea The Sea.

Rechorduroys formed just over two years ago, shortly after the dissolution of Garrett’s previous band Party Boat and a relocation to Troy, NY. The band has perfected its sound over the last few years while playing dates throughout the Northeast. With only one previous release, the 2016 single “Honeybee”, their forthcoming self-titled album has been a long time in the works. The time spent has resulted in a collection of well crafted songs that feel as nostalgic as they do new.

Benjamin Garret - Vocals/ Guitar

Dan Wilson - Vocals/ guitar

Bryan Hogan - Drums

Dan Prockup - Keyboards

Raurri Jennings - Slide guitar

August Sagehorn - Bass